A sleek, modern, smart machine with 23” High Definition LCD Screens and 21.5” LCD Topper, built on your expectation to meet operational and customer needs. Superior and ergonomic design structure coupled with powerful jackpot and games content to engage players like an “Emperor” and maximize your ROI.


Feature Details

• Built in external USB charging port
• Engaging media and more leg room
• Customized handbag hook
• Supports multi-game, multi-denom platform
• Comprehensive jackpot link and games content
• Modern cabinet design and stylish finish
• Ergonomic design structure to maximize player comfort
• Ambient lighting around the edge

• Superior serviceability and reliability to minimize interruption
• New generation motherboard with powerful graphics processor
• 23” high definition LCD screens and 21.5” high definition LCD topper seamless display outlook
• Larger screens boost presentation of game content
• Interactive touch screen information menu accessible via main game screen
• Dynamic sound experience with 2.1 sound system
• Certified to GLI-11, DICJ, Pagor and CRA Singapore EGM technical standards
• SAS 6.02 compatible