Game elements draw upon stories and characters from the classic Journey to the West narrative. Each game title in the series includes its own unique game play pay table and target free game features.

Feature Details

Fortune Reel - Expandable Reel Position

      • There are 3 main play options available in 18, 38 and 68
      • 18 credits buys 12 ULTI-WAYS.
      • 38 credits buys 108 ULTI-WAYS and activates 3 FORTUNE
        REELS on columns 1, 2 & 3.
      • 68 credits gives all positions on all reels (243 ULTI-WAYS)
        and changes all 5 columns to FORTUNE REELS.
      • MONKEY KING can appear on any FORTUNE REEL.
      • 2 or more on any reels will trigger the SUPER MONKEY

Magical JinGu Bang

      • During eligible game play the JINGU BANG appears
        prominently below the main reel array.
      • The closer the player gets to striking 2 or more MONKEY
        KING the JINGU BANG will appear to grow in length.

Super Monkey King Respin

      • After the SUPER MONKEY KING FEATURE is triggered
        the reel array will morph and two bonus reel windows
        appear at either side of the screen.
      • MONKEY KING symbols will change to COIN and other
        symbols disappear.
      • The bonus windows and 5 middle reels will spin and
        more COIN may land on the main reels.
      • After the initial respin, if the side reel windows do not
        have a matching symbol then the reels will spin again
        until there is a match.
      • Every COIN appearing on screen at end of respins will
        award a bonus of between 10 and up to 500 credits each.
        Extra Coin Bonus

      • 2 x “MONKING KING +3” matched will immediately add
        3 extra COIN to the main array.
      • COIN Bonuses will be awarded and the feature will end.
      • Unique Free Game Features

      • 2 x “FREE GAMES” matched to trigger.
      • Super Monkey King Jackpot

      • 2 x “JACKPOT” matched will enter the Jackpot Feature
        after the COIN Bonuses are awarded GRAND - Super
        Monkey King, MAJOR - Zhu Ba Jie, MINOR - Sandy or
        MINI - Long Ma.
      • Choose the GO LUCKY auto pick option in the Jackpot
        Feature and selections will be made instantaneously at
        random by the machine and the corresponding Jackpot
        Level awarded.