Weike’s Multi-player Electronic Table Game (METG) is a product that offers operators the choice to configure the product either as a Fully Automated or Partially Automated (Dealer Assist) Table Game. Experience playing on a Live Casino Table with game choices ranging from Baccarat, Baccarat Super Pair, Baccarat Insurance and Black Jack. With a solid range of game choices, operators can choose the best game type for their targeted market.

Feature Details
      • 27” Dealer Display
      • HD Graphics
      • 3D Virtual Chips and Cards
      • Card Peeping Technology
      • Full Data Accountability and Security
      • SAS 6.02 Compatible
      • High Performance Gaming Platform
      • Virtual Cards and Chips Eliminates Dealer Manipulation as well as Dealer-Player Collusion
    • Stores Valuable Statistical Game Data and Detailed Game Histories
    • Enhanced Software Data Security to Prevent Fraud and Unauthorized Data Tempering
    • Reduces Traditional Fixed Operating Costs in Paper Cards, Card Shufflers and Skilled Dealers
    • Performs at least Three Times Faster than a Human Dealer, Increasing Revenue Generation
    • Ergonomic Design for Player and Dealer Comfort
    • Modular Table Design that Allows Operators to Cater to Different Layout Configurations

Weike’s METG RCVC is an add-on module to METG Emperor for Real Card Virtual Chips experience.

Feature Details
      • Semi-Live Baccarat table using real poker cards* for dealing and virtual chips for player’s betting
      • Replaces computer simulated results with ‘live’ results of Baccarat game using real poker cards*
      • Design is based on actual casino-style baccarat table which includes baccarat table top print (BANKER /PLAYER)
        and cards shoe.
    • Includes a camera to stream ‘live’ action to METG Emperor’s location**.
    • Intuitive user interface and peripherals to aid dealers in controlling the Baccarat game from the METG RCVC.