Weike’s Multi-player Electronic Table Game (METG) Max is a product that offers the choice to configure the game to operate in either Fully Automated Virtual Cards Virtual Chips, Partially Automated (Dealer Assisted) Virtual Cards Virtual Chips or Real Cards Virtual Chips. 

Feature Details
  • Supports both virtual card and real card options. Real card option is available for Baccarat HyperPay only
  • Ability to rapidly switch between virtual card and real card options offers flexibility and improves player experience
  • Virtual cards offer automated play to reduce fixed costs in paper cards, card shufflers and skilled dealers
  • Fully automated virtual cards perform at least three times faster than a regular human dealer, increasing revenue
  • Ergonomic table design provides maximum player and dealer comfort in a communal-style table format
  • Modular table design allows operators to cater to different  layout configurations
Security and Accountability
  • Virtual Cards and Chips eliminate dealer manipulation as well as dealer-player collusion
  • Enhanced software data security prevents fraud and unauthorized data tempering
  • Comprehensive statistical game data and detailed game histories
  • 27” High Definition LCD for Dealer Display
  • 17" High Definition LCD for Player Display
  • 3D Virtual Chips and Cards
  • Built on  High Performance Gaming Platform
  • SAS 6.02 Compatible

WeShoe is the perfect companion to the METG Max. It allows operators to replace the METG's computer generated results with real cards to run its popular table games. This provides another option for the operator to cater to different players' profiles.

Feature Details
      • Supports 3 to 8 decks of barcoded cards
      • Ease of installation using a single cable link-up
      • Intuitive user-interface with light indicators to guide dealers on when to deal cards
      • Ease of game flow control via a single button
      • Dimension: 380mm (L) x 100mm (W) x 160mm (H)
      • Weight: 4.5kg