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GGRAsia “Weike’s Infinity Roulette”
24/09/2014 A Weike Gaming Technology (S) Pte Ltd success story is the Infinity Roulette electronic table game.

“It’s a modular product, so you can have it in many different configurations,” said Ray Poh, Weike’s chief operating officer.

“It’s been approved by DICJ [Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau] in Macau, so it can be switched on, on the floor, upon delivery. That’s a plus, because no matter how good a product is, if you get to market and you can’t get authorisation from a local regulator to switch it on, you’re in trouble.

“There’s also a very clean player interface,” said Mr Poh of the Infinity Roulette product. “Both the racetrack-style betting display and the table betting are on the same screen page. So as a player you don’t have to switch pages. It’s very intuitive,” added the executive.

“It also has the option for video streaming of the live roulette wheel onto the player screen as well. So you can have the player terminals separate from where the wheel is. Or we can stream the video feed from the wheel onto a TV screen for the players to see,” he told us.

“That means the operator can use one wheel to serve many players. For example, you could have a carousel arrangement with eight seats, and then if the casino floor has space constraints you can have terminals-only on another part of the same floor served by that one wheel. The bulk of the cost with a roulette electronic table normally comes from the roulette wheel,” added the Weike executive.


Sources: on Sept 16, 2014